Steve Hillis, Ph.D.

Stephen Hillis has been Senior Biostatistician for the Center for Research in the Implementation of Innovative Strategies in Practice (CRIISP) at the Iowa City VA Medical Center since 2002.  Before that, he was Director of the Statistical Consulting Center in the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science at the University of Iowa for eight years.  Dr. Hillis worked closely with Dr. Donald Dorfman for the last 2 1/2 years of his life, designing and implementing simulations for studying the power properties of the DBM method assuming a binormal model. Since Dorfman’s death, he has continued to work closely with Dr. Kevin Berbaum and to further develop the DBM method. Dr. Hillis’s research interests are broad; after an initial period of publishing methodological papers in the areas of robust survival data analysis, generalized linear models, and residual analysis, he then focused on collaborating with researchers from a wide variety of fields in his role as the Director of the Statistical Consulting Center, followed by methodological research in the area of multi-reader multi-case ROC studies.

Curriculum Vitae


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