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Multi- and Single-Reader Sample Size Program 1.0 for Diagnostic Studies

The Multi- and Single-Reader Sample Size Sample Size Program for Diagnostic Studies performs sample size computations for diagnostic reader-performance studies. Such studies are commonly used in radiology, where radiologists evaluate images resulting from an imaging modality (such as mammography for breast cancer) with respect to confidence of disease. In the most common study design, each reader reads all cases under each test. It is this initial study design that this first release (1.0) assumes. Other designs will be included in the near future.  The program requires parameter estimates that are either conjectured or obtained from pilot data. Pilot data estimates can be obtained from analyses of data sets that use the method proposed by Obuchowski & Rockette and by Dorfman, Berbaum and Metz, and updated by Hillis and colleagues.

Installation Instructions

This program will run under Windows, OSX, and Linux. However, you must have a Java run-time environment installed. The process of obtaining the JRE varies with operating system. To install the program, simply download the executable (jar file) and manual below (visible if you have registered) and place them in the same folder on your computer.  The manual and jar file must reside in the same folder on your machine. Then, to run the program, simple double-click on the jar file (in Windows, this varies with operating system as well).


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