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Curve-Fitting DLLs

The CBM, RSCORE, and PROPROC DLLs which are called by the DBM MRMC software can also be downloaded separately and used with user-written software.  The application programming interface (API)  guides are available below.  These guides are intended to be used in conjunction with the example programs--the sample programs show how the call is made, and the guides explain variable declarations and initializations, linking issues, and other details

Registered users on the site can also download sample programs in C/C++, C#, Visual Basic, Fortran, and SAS to call the curve-fitting DLLs.  The current samples show how to call the contaminated binormal model (CBM) DLL, but they can be easily modified to call the RSCORE or PROPROC DLLs by using the appropriate API guide.
  The C/C++ and Visual Basic examples are packaged as Visual Studio 2003 solutions.  The Fortran 95 and Fortran .NET examples are based on Lahey Fortran 95 and Lahey Fortran .NET and are also packaged as Visual Studio projects.  Users wanting only the source code--but not the Visual Studio solution and project files--will need to download and extract the zip archives and then discard the unwanted files.

Currently, only samples calling the CBM DLL are available.  In the near future, examples calling PROPROC and RSCORE will be available.  In the interim, users could consult the API documents for PROPROC and RSCORE to see how the CBM examples could be modified for these curve-fitting DLLs.

CBM API Guides

 TitleModified DateSize 
CBM API for C# .NET4/23/200829.94 KBDownload
CBM API for C++ .NET4/23/200830.44 KBDownload
CBM API for C++ Win324/23/200830.35 KBDownload
CBM API for Lahey Fortran (95 & .NET)4/24/200828.89 KBDownload
CBM API for SAS4/23/200830.16 KBDownload
CBM API for Visual Basic .NET4/23/200830.34 KBDownload


 TitleModified DateSize 
PROPROC API for SAS10/5/200628.71 KBDownload


 TitleModified DateSize 
RSCORE API for SAS4/24/200829.43 KBDownload

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