SAS Programs for MRMC Analysis, Sample Size Estimation, and Curve-Fitting

Sample SAS programs to call the CBM, PROPROC, and RSCORE curve-fitting DLLs are provided below. Familiarity with SAS programming in general and PROC IML programming in particular is assumed.

There is a separate zip archive for each of the curve-fitting routines. These zip files contain an API document that provides instructions for using the program, a SAS program to call the DLL, a TBL file that is needed by the SAS program, the curve-fitting DLL, and sample output files.

SAS Curve-Fitting Program Downloads

 TitleModified DateSize 
Sample SAS Program for CBM4/24/2008258.35 KBDownload
Sample SAS Program for PROPROC10/5/2006479.65 KBDownload
Sample SAS Program for RSCORE4/26/2008285.74 KBDownload

SAS Programs to Perform MRMC Analysis

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