Data Collection and Logging

When the observer finds an abnormality to report, the reader right-clicks on the location in the image containing the abnormality. A dialog box appears in which the can type a description of the abnormality and make categorical and subjective probability confidence ratings.  This is shown below for the CT Chest plugin.

recording of observer-display interactions is event driven in that whenever the observer initiates an action such as changing the window/level, changing the magnification, or navigating to another slice in a CT study, an event is generated. A time-stamped, structured, textual description of the event is written to the log file. Event log files can be analyzed to produce summaries of observer behavior.

Thus, WorkstationJ allows detailed information on observer responses and observer interactions with the display to be collected without using eye-tracking or videotaping the observer’s session. These logs can be used to construct summaries of observer behavior.

WorkstationJ Info

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