WorkstationJ Display Capabilities

WorkstationJ can display CT and CR images. With the "MultiModality Viewer Three Registered CT" plugin, thumbnail views of all the images of the patient are shown on the left monitor of a dual-monitor system (in these screen captures, the left half of the screen shot would appear on the left panel of a two-panel configuration, and the right half of the screen shot would appear on the right panel).



Individual examinations maximized onto the right monitor. If the CT images are the three registered, orthogonal volumetric data sets (axial, sagittal, and coronal views), then they are maximized as a group and clicking on a location in one of the views causes the other two views to be updated automatically. When maximized, each image frame provides preset buttons for window/level adjustment (two bone presets, a lung preset, and a mediastinum preset), as well as slider controls for finer adjustment of window/level.



Radiographs are maximized individually to the right panel.




With the "Single CT Chest Viewer" plugin, only a single panel is required. An axial view of a CT can be displayed on the panel. The CT view can be magnified, and there are also preset buttons and slider controls for adjusting window/level.


WorkstationJ Info

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