Medical image perception and technology evaluation studies are necessary to reduce diagnostic errors in radiology and to discover solutions to deal with the increase in the volume of images that radiologists must read that can lead to information overload (see the SCAR TRIP initiative; Andriole et al. 2004). Conducting these studies is hampered by the use of commercial image presentation software that was developed for clinical use and does not collect observer responses or other information on observer-display interactions in real time.

To facilitate the research process, we developed software that does not rely on commercial or proprietary software components. This software, called WorkstationJ (Schartz, Berbaum, Caldwell, & Madsen, 2007), was originally an extensively modified version of the ImageJ software (Rasband, 1997; Abramoff, Magelhaes & Ram, 2004) provided by the National Institutes of Health ( 

The original version of the software was funded by a supplement to NIH Grant R01-EB000145.  Recently, the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) provided funding to convert WorkstationJ into a series of ImageJ plugins rather than a standalone program. This funding was provided as a Product Support Grant from SIIM.


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